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Pullman Page Turners (Book Club): Grown-Up Time

One of my favorite non-kid activities is book club.  I am in the Pullman Page Turners, sponsored by the Neill Public Library.  Once a month we meet at a member’s home to discuss a book, drink wine and socialize.

For information, see the Pullman Page Turners page on the library website:


Neill Public Library also hosts another book club, The Grand Avenue Book Club.  I have not attended that one, but its reading list looks similar to the Pullman Page Turners.  Their meetings are held in the library.

The library website has a GAB page:


and they have their own site/blog:



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South Fork Public House (Pullman- Restaurant)

Ahhh, beer!

Pullman has a new restaurant and bar:  the South Fork Public House.  I have been here about five times now, and I really recommend it.

It was only empty because it was very early

It is a rare place you can take kids but yet it still feels like a grow-up establishment.  I have gone for happy hour, lunch and dinner – each time the service was excellent and the food was good. I like that you can substitute any meat with falafel or veggie burger, so if you want to go veggie you don’t end up eating just steamed rice and vegetables.

Full bar

The atmosphere is relaxed but contemporary, as is the decor.

The prices are reasonable (around $10 for salads, around $9 for sandwiches, and around $10 – $20 for entrees).  The location is unexpected- between the Ace Hardware and the Dollar Tree – but who cares?  It has tons of parking, and it is especially convenient for Pioneer Hill and Sunnyside Hill people.

Exterior Sign

Address: 1680 S. Grand Ave, Pullman, WA, 99163
Phone: 509-332-3675
Hours:  Monday – Sunday, 11:30 am to close (which I think means late night if there are customers)

Check out the Facebook page and the website!



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Brused Books (Pullman, Washington)

Cavernous Interior of Brused Books

I love used bookstores, and used books.  I like hunting for something great, and coming across good bargains.  I like books that have already been loved (hopefully) or that are just in need of the right reader to appreciate them (me?).  This is why I was happy when I moved to Pullman and discovered it has a used bookstore, Brused Books.

Brused Books has an explosion of books of every type.  The best approach to Brused, like any used bookstore, is to come ready to browse.

Brimming with Books

Brused is also a great place to take your kids because it has a separate area for children’s books.  If your kid likes books, you can unleash him in the kid area and let him choose a few for himself – for about the cost of a sandwich.

Children's Book Room at Brused Books

Brused also has a selection of fair trade gifts (sorry, I did not get a picture because I started feeling sheepish about the photo-taking).

I am sure they also buy books, but I have not sold any there.  Maybe next time I move!

Brused Books

235 E Main St

Pullman, WA 99163

(509) 334-7898

Monday–Friday: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sunday: Noon to 5 p.m.


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Black Cypress: Date Night!

Black Cypress is Pullman’s newest restaurant, and it makes a lovely night out without the wee ones.  Get a sitter and have a date!

Black Cypress Interior

I have been here a few times – three times for drinks and once for a full dinner.  I have had a great experience each time.

The Bar at Black Cypress

First the bar:  It seats about eight to ten people and has a very cozy feel.  The bartenders have been perfect – attentive but not overly chatty.  This places gets a tad noisy, so sitting at the bar works best if you either go early or just plan to talk to the person next to you.  I went for drinks and light appetizers with a group of ladies and they let us sit at a table.  The selection of wines was fine, and the prices were generally moderate.  (I think about $7-10 per glass.)  There is a beer selection, too, but I did not pay much attention!

The Decor:  The “theme” of the decor is antique mirrors.  With the candles on the tables reflecting off the mirrors, it creates a very nice atmosphere.  The ceiling is draped with lengths of a rough material (burlap?) which gives it a pretty, tent-like feel. (Note these photos were taken during the day, through the window.  At night is has a more romantic feeling.)

The food:  The menu is small but the food is excellent.  The menu has a Mediterranean influence (as you would expect from the name) but this is by no means a “Mediterranean” restaurant.

The Special Board

Black Cypress seems to really excel at the meat dishes.  I had the lamb chops (so good, and actually cooked the way I ordered, which is a rarity).  My dining companions gave rave reviews to the beef, the pork chops, and the scallops.  I have had the beet salad and the cheese plate, which were both good (though perhaps not the best versions of these dishes I had ever had).  For dessert, the apple spice cake and the smores both got high marks.  In fact, no one had a bad thing to say about the food.

The cost is on the high side for Pullman, but it is not out of line with what you would pay at a similar restaurant in a bigger city.  Dinner for five (three salads, five entrees, two desserts, and two bottles of the cheaper wine) came to around $50 per person.

The service has always been very good, also.  I am not sure who does the hiring, but it seems like the wait staff is made up mostly of very good-looking twenty-something guys, who also happen to be professional and attentive.  This does not hurt the overall experience!

The hours are as shown above.  The address and phone:

215 East Main Street
Pullman, WA 99163-2769
(509) 334-5800

It is located next to Prune Orchard, which is open until 6, giving you one hour of overlap to do a combined shopping and wine drinking excursion!

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Prune Orchard Retail Shop (Pullman)

Prune Orchard: Pullman's Premier Place to Shop

No Pullman blog is complete without a mention of Prune Orchard.  It is truly a sign of civilization on Main Street, which tends to be a bit lacking in first-rate retail.

Entrance to Prune Orchard

Prune Orchard carries lots of wonderful, tasteful stuff that you need or just want, and it is an excellent place to buy gifts and cards. It has jewelry, housewares, kitchen gadgets, clothing, candles, a delicious selection of kid and baby stuff, and more.  It is like a store you would see in a bigger city, but it is here in little Pullman!

It also has a great selection of holiday items.

As you can tell from the photos, this is not a great place to shop with your kids unless they are much less grabby than mine, but it would be a good place to shop for them.  And of course, it is not cheap, but it has items in a wide range of prices, from the inexpensive to the not inexpensive.

It is located next to Pullman’s newest restaurant, Black Cypress, which opens at 5.  So you can do a late afternoon shopping trip to Prune Orchard then head to Black Cypress for a refreshment.  A good kid-free outing!

Address and Phone:

215 East Main Street
Pullman, WA 99163-2769
(509) 332-4830


10-6, Monday through Saturday


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