And Away We Go…. Again!

It has been a long time since my last blog post.  Life as a wife and mom, a new full time job, a thankfully full social life, and so on and so on, have conspired against this blog.  At one point, I had basically given up on the hope that I would return.  This feels like a confession!  Indeed, I have felt guilty, especially when someone would say they actually read and enjoyed my blog, and asked why I wasn’t writing it anymore.  (This is also very gratifying – someone is out there!)

But here we are, entering a new year, and I have a resolution to get back to this.  I will try to do one good entry a month, at least, and maybe some additional quickies.  Why?  Because it is a way of forcing me not get complacent.  It is too easy to stop exploring, to stop noticing, to stop doing things that are new.  And I remember arriving here with little kids and thinking… what on earth do I do here?  If I can help anyone who is in that same boat, that is wonderful.  So here we go, a new year and a new chapter!


On the road again, through the beautiful palouse.

And to those of you who have submitted comments (and one quite important correction)- I will work through those soon!


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