The Storm Cellar (Shopping) Moscow, Idaho

the Storm Cellar storefront

There is a new store I am REALLY excited about.  It is called The Storm Cellar.

Storm Cellar: Cheap and Chic

The Storm Cellar bills itself as “Independent Consignment and Local Goods.”  It is basically a very cool second hand store, filled with clothing and household goods that are obviously hand-picked and very well cared for.

Storm Cellar: Window Display

There is also some new merchandise, such as stylish dishes, pillows, cards, and so forth.

I have not had a chance to really shop the clothes (kids with me), but the Storm Cellar has clothes for women and men (not kids), and they look great.  It has a very Anthropologie/city vintage feel.

So, about kids.  I have been to the Storm Cellar twice, and had kids with me both times.  I don’t recommend this.  There is  a lot of stuff to grab and break, and large round clothing racks in which your kid can hide – and if you are like me, after about six minutes of trying to pull said child out, you will consider letting him stay.

The prices are good.  As an example: I saw some (unfortunately for me very impractical but) gorgeous high heel 9 West boots for about $23, I bought a vase for about $8 and a shot glass set (yep, I’m classy) for $11.

the Storm Cellar

212 S Main Street.

Open 10 am – 6 pm Tuesday through Saturday.



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2 responses to “The Storm Cellar (Shopping) Moscow, Idaho

  1. Gwen

    Always fun info on cool places. Thanks

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