Black Cypress: Date Night!

Black Cypress is Pullman’s newest restaurant, and it makes a lovely night out without the wee ones.  Get a sitter and have a date!

Black Cypress Interior

I have been here a few times – three times for drinks and once for a full dinner.  I have had a great experience each time.

The Bar at Black Cypress

First the bar:  It seats about eight to ten people and has a very cozy feel.  The bartenders have been perfect – attentive but not overly chatty.  This places gets a tad noisy, so sitting at the bar works best if you either go early or just plan to talk to the person next to you.  I went for drinks and light appetizers with a group of ladies and they let us sit at a table.  The selection of wines was fine, and the prices were generally moderate.  (I think about $7-10 per glass.)  There is a beer selection, too, but I did not pay much attention!

The Decor:  The “theme” of the decor is antique mirrors.  With the candles on the tables reflecting off the mirrors, it creates a very nice atmosphere.  The ceiling is draped with lengths of a rough material (burlap?) which gives it a pretty, tent-like feel. (Note these photos were taken during the day, through the window.  At night is has a more romantic feeling.)

The food:  The menu is small but the food is excellent.  The menu has a Mediterranean influence (as you would expect from the name) but this is by no means a “Mediterranean” restaurant.

The Special Board

Black Cypress seems to really excel at the meat dishes.  I had the lamb chops (so good, and actually cooked the way I ordered, which is a rarity).  My dining companions gave rave reviews to the beef, the pork chops, and the scallops.  I have had the beet salad and the cheese plate, which were both good (though perhaps not the best versions of these dishes I had ever had).  For dessert, the apple spice cake and the smores both got high marks.  In fact, no one had a bad thing to say about the food.

The cost is on the high side for Pullman, but it is not out of line with what you would pay at a similar restaurant in a bigger city.  Dinner for five (three salads, five entrees, two desserts, and two bottles of the cheaper wine) came to around $50 per person.

The service has always been very good, also.  I am not sure who does the hiring, but it seems like the wait staff is made up mostly of very good-looking twenty-something guys, who also happen to be professional and attentive.  This does not hurt the overall experience!

The hours are as shown above.  The address and phone:

215 East Main Street
Pullman, WA 99163-2769
(509) 334-5800

It is located next to Prune Orchard, which is open until 6, giving you one hour of overlap to do a combined shopping and wine drinking excursion!


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  1. Gwen du Bois

    I love this Blog author – very informative and highlights fun things to do on the Palouse with or without children.

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