WSU Museum of Art and CUB (Compton Union Building)


Today was cloudy and we did not have a lot of time for an adventure.  Perfect day for a visit to the WSU Museum of Art and the CUB (Compton Union Building).


The Museum of Art is located in the Fine Arts Building directly across from Martin Stadium.  As you would expect, it is small, which means you can get a dose of art without having to set aside a lot of time.  For my visit with my boys, it meant I could give them a little bit of the museum/gallery experience without wearing their patience too thin.  (Even so, I was very glad I brought a stroller, because one of my wild things had to be restrained from touching the art.)

Gallery 1 View (Photography is prohibited, as I was told after I took this!)

Gallery 1 View (Photography is prohibited, as I was told after I took this!)

The exhibitions change about every three months, and have seemed varied and impressive (though this is the first time I have made a visit).  OK, this is not MOMA, but it is very enjoyable! It is also free!

Sculpture in Front of Museum

Sculpture in Front of Museum

After the museum, we crossed the wide sidewalk and went to the CUB.

Walking to the CUB (CUB in the distance)

Walking to the CUB (CUB in the distance)


I intended to take the boys to Starbucks, which is located in the bookstore.  However, the line was too long (as it notoriously is).


So we changed plans and went to the food court.

CUB Food Court

CUB Food Court

We ended up getting juice and zucchini bread at Carlita’s, which had basically the same kind of stuff as Starbucks would have had.  The zucchini bread was made by the WSU Dining Services, and was very good.  Also, at $1.19, I would bet it cost a lot less than it would have at Starbucks.



The CUB food court also has a Villa, a Panda Express (with sushi) and a Subway.  Standard food court fare.  The seating area is nice and light and was not too crowded (though we were there before the lunch rush).




Getting there was really easy.  The place to park is at Smith Center, which has a sign on Stadium Way.  You have to pay, but it was only around $3 for our visit.  I think there might be validation available if you spend over a certain amount, and I think there is a promotion now where you can park for free after 5 pm. You take the elevator up the sidewalk level.  Both the CUB and the Museum also have handicap buttons on the doors, so it is not a struggle to get through with a stroller.  I did not check on changing tables, but there are bathrooms readily available in both buildings.



All in all, I think our adventure took about an hour and a half and cost a grand total of around $6.  Well worth it to beat cabin fever and do something a little different.

Useful websites:

Museum of Art


WSU Parking Info

WSU Campus Map



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4 responses to “WSU Museum of Art and CUB (Compton Union Building)

  1. liz

    i LOVE panda express orange chicken. it’s so good!!!

  2. Thanks for visiting the Museum! I hope you enjoyed our current exhibit. By the pictures it looks like the Don Normark Photography show. We really enjoyed putting it all together and hope that you and your family had a great day. Sounds like a wonderful visit to campus!

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