Pullman Fresh Farm Market


I went to the Pullman Farmer’s Market this evening, as I try to do each Wednesday.  The Pullman FM is new this year, and I really want it to keep coming back!  We are very lucky to have it.


The Pullman FM is small.  It generally has bread, vegetables, fruit, and some local meats (Eaton beef and Zakarison poultry), and sometimes flowers.



It also has live music, which has been quite good.


The Pullman FM is held each Wednesday in the parking lot of the historic Old Post Office building at 245 S.E. Paradise St., which is now the location of Merry Cellars and the Old Post Office Wine Cellar & Gallery.  There is plenty of free parking in an adjacent lot and on the street.  When I can, I like to go to the Wine Cellar & Gallery (which locals call the “OPO”) for a glass of wine and a bite to eat after the FM, and stop in to Merry Cellars for a bottle to take home.  A perfect Wednesday, if you ask me!



Helpful sites:



Merry Cellars:




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