Klemgard County Park


I am trying to get in every last bit of summer, so I took the boys on a mid-week picnic tonight at Klemgard County park.  This park is really beautiful – a favorite of mine after only two visits.


Klemgard is a 59 acre park, a lot of which appears to be in native grasses.  There is a large grassy area with gazebos (above), which is reached by this small bridge:


which crosses over this small stream:



That side of the park has a paved path that leads to the hiking trail:



We did not do the trail because the boys were anxious to picnic and get to the playground.  So we crossed back over the bridge to the side of the park that has the really cool picnic shelter:



as well as more gazebos, sand volley ball courts, and horseshoe pits.  And, of course, the playground!


The playground is quite nice. It was just installed in 2006.  It is mostly for kids who are over three, I would say, because the slides are very fast and the overall structure is pretty high.

It also has this cool tunnel:


The boys LOVE this playground.  They also love the park in general because it has wide green spaces to run in.  It is kind of in the middle of nowhere, so I think it is unlikely you would find a crowd here (and tonight we were the only people there).



Perhaps it is because it is kind of remote, the park has a lot of “facilities.”  It has two sets of bathrooms and three water fountains; multiple barbecue grills and picnic tables, and free parking.



It takes 20 minutes to get here from Pullman.  Directions:

Travel 10 miles north on Highway 195 (Pullman-Colfax Highway). You will see a brown Department of Transportation sign. Turn left on Hamilton Hill Road and drive 2.5 miles to the bottom of the canyon flat. Turn west (right) on Union Flat Road (it is a gravel road) and travel 1 mile to the entrance of the park. The first time I went there I was sure I was lost!

Park website:




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One response to “Klemgard County Park

  1. liz

    this looks great. we tried to get in as much summer as possible too. i can’t believe it’s already feeling like winter. yikes!

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