Morris (Perkins) Cedar Grove and Giant Cedar Tree

This weekend I took the boys to see the Giant Cedar outside Elk River, Idaho.  Though the drive was a bit long for my kids (about 2 hours from our house in Pullman to the trail head) it was well worth it.

The Giant Cedar

The Giant Cedar

The Giant Cedar is 177 ft tall, 18 foot in diameter and approximately 3,000 years old.  It is in the center of a lovely cedar grove that has trails/paths that are paved, so it works for kids and would work for a stroller (except there is a small staircase going over a log that you would have to carry the stroller over, or go around).

Part of the paved path

Stairs over fallen logStairs over fallen log

There is a bathroom (outhouse) at the trail head, and benches along the trail. There is no picnic area, though the Idaho website says there is.

Beautiful foliageBeautiful foliage

It was not hard to get there.  Go to Elk River and you will run into this sign:


Turn Left, and follow the road until you see this sign:


Which will signal the Upper Basin Road.  Stay on Upper Basin Road and eventually you will see signs for the Giant Cedar.  I thought I had missed it, but it is a full 11 miles from town, and a gravel road, so it takes a while.

Gravel Road to the Giant CedarGravel Road to the Giant Cedar

Then you will be there!


Afterward, we went to the Elk River General Store for ice cream.  The specialty is the huckleberry ice cream (or pie).

Elk River General StoreElk River General Store

Useful links:

Idaho’s website on the Giant Cedar, and surrounding cedar groves:

Some info on Elk River:

Some info on the Elk River Back Country By-way:



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  1. I love your blog, we just moved to the area from Oregon and I have been searching for things to do with my kids and then I stumbled upon your blog and now I have lots of things to do with my kids.Thanks so much

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